Ultralight Aircraft Joyride in Mandi HImachal

` 2,500   per person


Duration: 1 Hr

Departure Dates
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Ultralight is one of the most sporty and exhilarating ways to experience the joys of flying. In most of the affluent countries, ultralights also known as microlights aircrafts now account for a large number of the global civilian-owned aircraft.

Imagine flying over those beautiful and sparkling snow clad Himalayan peaks and picturesque valleys. Fulfil your dream of flying through Ultralight Aircraft joyride in Mandi. After a short introduction of taking off you will be trained for flying so that you can handle controls of aircrafts yourself. If you go step by step you will see flying ultralights is an exciting and exhilarating sport when done safely. The DGCA licensed pilot will help you fly across the sky!

Ten minutes up in the sky will be a once in a lifetime experience for you! At 1000 feet above the valley, the bird’s eye views of snowy peaks will be breathtaking. Flying in an open cockpit aircraft will be more than just exciting. All you have to do is sit comfortably bucked up on a seat, on a three wheel with shock absorber aircraft! No stress of landing on your knees or taking off from a higher ground like paragliding! Enjoy the benefits of powered aircraft where wind is not a problem and you just spread your wings and fly high!

Mandi is a major city in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The place is easily accessible from Delhi, Chandigarh, Kullu and Manali. The airstrip is located at Village Dador, near Ner Chowk in Mandi.

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Package Details

Ultralight Aircraft Joyride in Mandi Himachal

Price (Per Person):   ` 2,500
Duration:   1 Hr
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Joyrides: Daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hours
Operation Period: From 10 April to 10 June
Duration: 10 minutes of flying
Location: Ner Chowk, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Distance covered: 10 KMS
Altitude: Up to 4000 feet


  1. The tandem seating is like the cross legged pillion on a motorbike
  2. Age and physical fitness is no requirement – minimum is 12 years
  3. Just wear trousers and shirt or T-shirt with shoes or sandals with back strap. Ladies should avoid skirt and saree. Pregnant women are advised not to indulge in this activity
  4. People suffering from epilepsy, mental disorders, heart disease, severe cough or cold and those under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic substance are not permitted to take the flight
  5. Signing of risk certificate and undertaking is mandatory as per Himachal Pradesh Government rules
  6. No hand baggage of any kind is permitted




  1. Wind proof outer clothing, gloves, goggles and helmet
  2. Ground training lesson of your choice and flight training
  3. Bottled drinking water, toilet, seating arrangements and free parking
  4. 10 minutes of flying


  1. GST @ 5.0%
  2. Medical insurance
  3. Any form of road transportation
  4. Anything not mentioned under inclusions

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