Experience Paragliding in Maharashtra

Paragliding in Maharashtra

Paragliding in Maharashtra

Paragliding in Maharashtra and the rest of India is a type of flying sport that has gained widespread popularity in recent years. This adventure sport reflects the fascination of man for flying in the open sky. The activity uses a paraglider – a canopy equipped with harness. It comprises interconnected layers of nylon or polyester fabric, and resembles a parachute. Below this fabric wing, there is a harness, in which the pilot sits. Harnesses are equipped with air bags as a safety measure, in case of failed landings. There are three types of launchings in paragliding that are mentioned as under.

• Forward Launch: This technique is used in low winds. In this, the pilot runs forward with wings in the opposite direction in order to inflate the wing, with the air pressure generated by his running.

• Reverse Launch: It is used during high winds. In this, the pilot first faces the wing, then turns around and starts running to complete the launch.

• Towed Launch: It uses a winch, which is a lifting device. In this, the pilots are launched with a tow. As it is quite different from free flying, it requires a special training.

Landing requires planning and coordination among pilots as multiple pilots may land at the same time. Like other adventure sports, this activity also involves potential risks and dangers, thus requires proper training and safety measures. The safety equipment include helmet and cushioned harness.

Weather and Other Conditions for Paragliding

• Weather: As this sport is completely weather dependent, be sure of the conditions before taking a flight. Winds blowing with average speeds of about 20 kmph suit for both dynamic and smooth flying conditions.

• Health Aspects: As the sport demands for great strength and an alert mind, you should be fit enough to take up the challenge. But the ones with health problems like blood pressure, heart ailments, fainting or any other health issues should take care of special safety measures.

• Age Limit: Though there is no specific age limit to try this sport but those below 18 years of age require a parental consent.

• What to Wear: No special attire is required, and only comfortable T-shirts, trousers, shoes and goggles are all you need.

Keeping in mind all the safety aspects and other important issues, get ready for an exhilarating experience of soaring high in the sky with paragliding in Maharashtra, which awaits adventure seekers.

Paragliding Adventures in Maharashtra

Paragliding in Maharashtra offers a wonderful experience of this amazing sport. It is the only state in the Central India that provides for a well-organised training centres and sites for this thrilling activity. Kamshet and Panchgani are two excellent sites in Maharashtra where the thrill involved in this activity can be enjoyed at its best. The reliable weather conditions at these sites beckon a large number of adventure lovers.

If you are not skilled in handling a glider and still crave for the flight, then you can opt for paragliding training. With a group of experts and trained pilots, there are a number of schools and training centres, which provide you complete training. There are many training schools in and around Kamshet, which is a famous spot for this flying sport.

Paragliding Adventures in Maharashtra

Best Locations for Paragliding in Maharashtra

Kamshet: Originally named as Karmakshetra, which means the land of your karmas, Kamshet is a small town located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. It is easily accessible from the cities of Mumbai and Pune. It is about 16 km from the twin hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala. Because of the reliable weather and topography, Kamshet has emerged as a popular destination for paragliding in Maharashtra.

The ranges of Sahyadri in this region, with low hills and proper landing space, present perfect conditions for an easy take off. The easterlies blowing between the months of October and February, and the westerlies during the period of March and June provide perfect weather for a smooth fly.


Exciting Paragliding Adventures in Maharashtra


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