Hampta Pass Trek

` 9,800   per person


Duration: 5 Days

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If you love mountains and have plans to visit Himachal Pradesh in the near future, then undertaking Hampta Pass trek can be perfect for you to see bountiful nature from up close. The best thing about this trek is its moderately high altitude and less altitude gain that makes it ideal for beginners and inexperienced trekkers too. You will cover a rough distance of 26 KM in 5 days and the same while coming back. As the maximum height that you will scale is around 14000 feet, no acclimatisation is required and altitude sickness is not much of a worry. This trek will give you loads of expertise in trekking and will bring you a step closer to attempting more difficult treks in the Himalayas.

This excursion begins from the picturesque hill station of Manali and will take you through different regions of the Himalayas. Your first stop will be Chika – a beautiful valley – where you will reach after travelling through evergreen forests of deodars, spruces and firs. On the way, you will see numerous little villages, where you may learn about the traditional way of living in this part of the country.

The following phase of Hampta Pass trekking is among the prettiest. As you walk through the mountains, you will see the area covered with different species of colourful flowers. Also from this part onwards, the hike will become challenging due to the rapid gains in height. On the way, you will cross many little streams until you reach Bhalu ka Ghera, a valley where brown bears descend from higher elevations to hibernate in winters.

The third section of the expedition involves crossing a picturesque valley on the way to Hampta Pass. It is also a natural breeding ground for colourful flowers as well as for animals that graze its lush grass during summers. You may also be able to see some snow here as its elevation is quite high, and it experiences cool weather throughout the year. When you recommence the Hampta Pass trek from here, you will walk on a comparatively flatter terrain.

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After spending the night in camps in Siagoru, next day proceed towards Chatru to continue your Hampta Pass trekking. This phase of the trail is half easy and half difficult as you cross steep elevations. After resting at Chatru for the night, you drive to a serene alpine lake called Chandratal. After clicking pictures of the enchanting reflections of the surroundings in its crystal clear waters, you drive back to Chatru and retrace the path to Manali.

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Detailed Itinerary:

Day 01: Manali to Chika
Early morning arrive in Manali and transfer to your lodgings. The hill station of Manali lies at an altitude of 6725 feet, and it is famous for its scenic environs and vibrant culture. In summers, the weather here remains pretty gentle, which makes it favourable for people to indulge in trekking and adventure sports like paragliding. Winters transform this colourful place into white elegance attracting people to come here and enjoy skiing. Know more about Skiing in Manali and Camping in Manali

After reaching your lodgings, enjoy a tasty lunch and rest for some time. Soon after lunch, get ready to begin your Hampta Pass trek from this pretty hill town. Begin hiking and climb up till Chika, a picturesque valley, about 10250 feet above sea level. It has a lush grass-covered flat terrain, surrounded by gentle slopes. The mountains host thick coniferous vegetation, and a river also flows through this beautiful valley. Along the way, you will pass Prerni and Jobri villages as well as Aleo Nallah stream. After you reach Chika, proceed to your lodgings for an overnight stay.

Day 02: Chika to Bhalu Ka Ghera
Continue your Hampta Pass trekking after relishing a scrumptious breakfast and head to Bhalu ka Ghera, which lies at an approximate altitude of 11480 feet and its name translates into the territory of bears. It has been named so because during winters, brown bears come down here from further up and make it their hibernation grounds. Like Chika, Bhalu ka Ghera is also a scenic valley, comprising flat lands and high mountains all around. The difference between the two places is that there are no trees in Bhalu ka Ghera and the clouds flow at ground height here.

Beginning from Chika, you will be required to cross a makeshift bridge, made of logs. High caution should be taken while crossing the bridge. Just ahead of it, you will encounter a rapidly flowing river. Keep to the left and continue your Hampta Pass trek towards Bhalu ka Ghera. After a while, you will start gaining altitude rapidly and the hike will become somewhat challenging. All through the journey, your eyes will feast on varieties of colourful flowers, growing in the wilderness. A little onwards, another stream will come your way, which you should cross in the morning itself. As the sun becomes stronger, more snow will melt in the mountains high above and the volume of water in the stream will rise. This day you will cover a distance of around 8 km and the journey will take 4-5 hours.
Find your campsite as you arrive at Bhalu ka Ghera and then retire for the night.

Day 03: Bhalu ka Ghera to Siagoru across Hampta Pass
As this is an important portion of the trek, you wake up early in the morning to commence it. Most of the day will be spent meandering through a tranquil valley. Maintain left to enter the Lahaul and Spiti districts. As you continue walking, you will reach Hampta Pass, which lies at an elevation of about 14000 feet above sea level. Summers bring the place alive with lush green grass and hordes of animals that graze here without fear of anything. Wild flowers impart a rich vibrancy to the mountain pass and small water streams make their way through here. A small amount of snow may still be seen due to its high altitude and in the distance permanently few snow-covered peaks.

Along the way, there are numerous spots where you may stop and rest, after this gruelling phase of Hampta Pass trekking. Further on the journey, which is quite easy due to the flat terrain of the region, you enter the Lahaul region of Himachal Pradesh. The last in the series of bridges that you cross is a bit challenging because of the steepness of the climb. Once you cross the bridge, you descend for a while before reaching Siagoru, which is around 13000 feet above sea level and is an exceptional destination to set up camps. Following this roughly 14-km long excursion through the Himalayas, you will be exhausted. On arrival in Siagoru, transfer to your campsite and retire for the night.

Day 04: Siagoru to Chatru
Early in the morning, begin the next section of your Hampta Pass trek after a delicious breakfast at the campsite. To begin with, cross the river that was visible from the camps in Siagoru. The first section of this day’s journey is easy as it comprises a long descent through the slopes. After the descent, you arrive in the valley, carved by the Chandra River, at an approximate elevation of 11000 feet above sea level. On your way to Chatru, you will see numerous makeshift stalls, selling delicious food.

By the time you reach Chatru, you would have covered a distance of about 8 km in around 5 hours. As you arrive here, travel towards the campsite for an overnight stay.

Day 05: Chatru to Chandratal | Chandratal to Manali
At Chatru, board a vehicle and drive down to Chandratal. This lake is located at 14000 feet approximately and is known for its resplendent natural beauty. It reflects the blue sky and surrounding mountains amazingly and makes for an excellent photography spot.

Post relaxing in the pristine setting and clicking photos, start the last portion of the Hampta Pass trekking and trace your way back to Manali. We drive down to Manali and end this beautiful trek.


Package Details

Hampta Pass Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 9,800
Duration:   5 Days
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Region :- Himachal (Manali)
Duration :- 5 days
Grade :- Easy to Moderate
Max Altitude :- 14,100 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 26 kms.
Best Time to go: May to October




1). Accommodation. (Camping)
2). Meals while on trek (Veg.) (Egg)
3). Trek equipments.
4). Permits
5). First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.
6). Qualified & experienced trek Leader, Guide and Support staff
7). Transport from Manali to Jobra and return Chatru to Manali


  1. Government service tax 5.0%
  2. Air/Train fare
  3. Anything not mentioned under the head inclusions.
  4. Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary / stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, road blocks and / or any factors beyond control.
  5. The tariff does not include barbeque and activities.
  6. Cost escalation due to change in itinerary Natural reason of unforeseen conditions like Landslides, Road Blockage, Bad Weather, Social or Political Unrest, Strikes, sudden shut down of any govt office etc 

Reviews for Hampta Pass Trek

  • img

    It was a wonderful experience. Enjoyed the whole trip and the trekking was also amazing and very safely done.

    Pranjal Sanghvi
  • img

    The trek had so many surprises, it was unique and beautiful. Crossing the river was one of the most adventurous parts of the trek.

    Hariom Thakur
  • img

    The camps and food was so good, really didn?t expect this. Thanks Adventure Nation.

    Sumit Bajaj
  • img

    Hampta Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh is among the easier treks to do in the North belt. But that doesn't mean it is any less in its quality or the kind of charms trekking in Himachal Pradesh generally entails. It was a 5 day affair as I booked the trek with Adventure Nation in June and went in September of 2015. My batch and I had a lovely time, the place is hauntingly is known to everyone who's even slightly interested in the picturesque treks of North India. You can even spot wild brown bears around Bhalu ka Ghera where bears assemble to hibernate in winters! Needless to mention, Chandratal lake is definitely the highlight! You must go in August-October to have the most fun this place has to offer!! Thanks, Adventure Nation for giving me so many memories.

    Rajesh Verma
  • img

    This was my first trekking experience and that too in Himachal Pradesh, the place of my birth! Naturally, I was very excited. A few people that went with me didn't share the exact excitement but even they said that they loved it! So you can tell how beautiful a place it must be. I booked this trek with one other friend in May through Adventure Nation for my birthday. We also were lucky enough to have availed a premium discount on some sale. Everything about this trek was perfect except I felt like the meals available could've been better and healthier. I'll try to remember to bring my own, mostly ready-made food with me next time. The camps set up for staying overnight were nicely set up at just the right spot. My favorite memory from this whole trek is the very location of my camp by the riverside as I heard the gushing of the waters

    Geeta Kohli
  • img

    How picturesque. The high altitude lakes are different than any other water body you may have seen in your life because these are far more clearer and cleaner, the low altitude lakes have algae and are too close to the civilization to remain beautiful forever. On the other hand, high altitude lakes such as Chandratal Lake, which you will visit on this trek to Hampta Pass, are beautiful to look at, they will calm you down on the inside. Thanks to Adventure Nation for making this trek package because not a lot of the packages available online will combine both Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake.

    Krunal Shinde
  • img

    Hampta Pass trek and Chandratal Lake in Himachal Pradesh are not just pretty treks that deserve attention just because of their beauty, I would say that the itinerary planned itself is lovely. On our way from the base camp to the Hampta Dam, there are so many forests, and so many oak, pine trees! The lush greens all along your way on just the second day of the trek will make you feel grateful that you chose this trek. And what's the best part is that this trek is perfect for a summer escape. You can advance book tickets to get away from the scorching heat in the summers! Thanks.

    Kartikay Patel
  • img

    Hampta Pass trek along with the trek to Chandratal Lake is amazing! Definitely a one-time experience with your friends and family. It's not a difficult trek at all, you just need to be sufficiently motivated and it's a week long trip so this one makes for a great vacation story! Trust me, you will not feel like coming back once it finishes. The feeling of reaching the Hampta pass top was great! So humbling, this experience. There is so much in the nature that we turn away from. This is the perfect opportunity to find your way back.

    Hitesh Kaushik

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