Thrilogy Adventure Combo at Rishikesh

` 6,992   per person


Duration: 6 Hrs

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Adventure is out there, you just need to get out and grab the chance to experience a new adventure in life because somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. Collect those moments in life and find some beautiful place to get lost in.  The natural landscapes and scenic beauty of India are enough to mesmerize any adventure lover. The different audacious landscapes, mountains and forests attract all adventure seekers from across the globe to experience the unadulterated thrill in India. Rishikesh is the yoga capital of India and that's how it’s popular in the world also. From many Yoga centers to adventure activities like whitewater river Rafting, Kayaking, Zip-line, Giant swing, Bungee Jumping and Wildlife Safari, Rishikesh is a must visit destination, with plenty to do all through the year.


Enjoy the enthralling experience of bungee jumping, Zip-line and giant swing in Rishikesh. Jumpin Heights which is located in Mohanchatti village is one of the most preferred adventure activity destinations in India. Take a triple treat of adventure at Jumpin Heights and experience the three most daring activities at once. Bungee Jumping, Giant Swing and Zip line all together would be thrilling to do! When you think about it, it’s scary. But once you do it and get over the fear, the experience would leave you wanting for more! After all life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. It’s a must have experience - once in a lifetime!


In some remote places in the world people use zip line as bridge to cross rivers, ravines and rainforests. In parts of China and Central America rainforests, Zip lines are still used as a mode of transportation from one place to another. You will be attached to a cable by a harness, which is attached to a trolley in Zip line. In Giant Swing you will be fitted with a seat & chest harness which is connected to the fixed wire ropes. On jump, after an initial free fall, the ropes smoothly swing you like a pendulum. Bungee Jumping will be one of the most fun and daring adventure activities here. You will be tied to an elastic rope which is actually a braided shock cord, tied to the ankle of the jumper. You will free fall and break free all the worries and enjoy the moment to the fullest.


Your safety is ensured by technically qualified adventure sports experts with years of experience in different parts of the world. Best instructors with best equipment will be provided to you to ensure you have the best experience. If you want you can purchase the video of your experience and boast about it to your friends. An adventure lover will fall in love with the place. There are certain requirements for Zip Line, Giant Swing and Bungee Jump Combo at Rishikesh including minimum age of 12 years on the day of the activity, along with minimum and maximum weight of 35 kg and 130 kg, respectively. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your weekend - with the beautiful views of Himalayas and the holy river of Ganga.


Package Details

Thrilogy Adventure Combo at Rishikesh

Price (Per Person):   ` 6,992
Duration:   6 Hrs
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Duration: 6 Hours
Location: Rishikesh
Activity: Bungee Jumping, Zip line and Giant Swing
Minimum Age: 12 Years
Weight Limit: Minimum - 35 KG, Maximum - 130 KG




  1. Bungee Jump
  2. Giant Swing
  3. Zip Line (Tandem or Triple)
  4. Certificate


  1. Entry ticket: Rs. 100
  2. GST @ 18.0%
  3. Air/Train fare
  4. Anything not mentioned under the head inclusions
  5. Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary / stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, roadblocks and / or any factors beyond control
  6. The tariff does not include barbeque and activities

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