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Weekend Getaways in India

Weekend Getaways in India

The territory of India has always fascinated and excited travellers. Apart from its vibrant culture, this vast nation is also well known for varied landforms that allow tourists to indulge in a wide array of adventure sports. Adventurous activities have become a prominent way for visitors to explore the beauty of this majestic land. Whether it is trekking in the northern region, or enjoying water sports in the coastal areas, there is nothing that cannot be done during weekend getaways in India.

India is an enormous country, and it would probably take a lifetime to understand it. But, in this ultramodern and hurried life, who has the time to even take out a few weeks for a vacation. With weekend getaways India, you can have loads of fun in a short time without altering your plans much. A trip to any of the weekend getaway destinations in India can be a feast for the mind, body and soul. With the rapid development of technology and means of transport, there is no place that is unreachable for the modern-era traveller. So, if you are looking to explore the mystical territory of India, then you may choose from various tour options and make memories enough for a lifetime.  

India has emerged as a popular getaway destination among globetrotters. A major rise in the tourist activities can be credited to the various adventure sports organised within its boundaries. The northern region of the country presents an ideal location for a wide array of adventurous activities. A large part of the region is bestowed with high mountains and gushing rivers, making it perfect for trekking, river rafting, fishing and more. The lush valleys here present a great opportunity to go for activities like paragliding and birding. Rajasthan is another place that is quite popular for going on weekend getaways in India. The state is adorned with historical forts and palaces, and the golden sands that cover it take its charm up a notch. No matter where you reside or which Indian state you are visiting, you will find a venture that meets your expectations.   

Weekend Getaways from Important Cities

Every part of the country is fascinating, be it big cities or states that boast of its rich cultural heritage. If you are looking for a small excursion in the northern region to indulge in some adventure sports, then a wide spectrum of options is at your disposal. Wildlife safari, paragliding, angling and bungee jumping are just some activities that you can enjoy here during weekend getaways India. A wildlife safari at Sunderban Tiger Camp in the Sundarbans Delta will allow you to see animals like tigers, spotted deer, boars, macaques, leopards, crocodiles and dolphins. The itinerary of this over-the-weekend venture includes a visit to the Spotted Deer Rehabilitation Centre so you can marvel at the sight of these creatures.

Experience Weekend Getaways in India

Rajasthan is one of the most prominent destinations in India where tourists go to experience the rich culture of the country. Hot air ballooning at Jaipur allows you to explore the architectural heritage of the Pink City from a height of over 1000 feet. You can also admire the picturesque beauty of Rajasthan with a camel safari at Dera Village Retreat. The various day and night treks allow you to explore the landscape of Karnataka while you are in Bangalore, the capital city. Similar trekking and sightseeing jaunts are also offered in Goa so that you can relish the beauty of this tiny, but charming Indian state. The excursions in Goa also facilitate tourists to indulge in some bird watching. For a fine and elegant culinary experience, you can opt for a wine tour in Nashik or Mysore, where you may go from Pune or Mumbai

Best Time to Go for Weekend Getaway Destinations

While most weekend getaway destinations in India are accessible throughout the year, the availability of adventure sports may depend on the weather conditions. For instance, monsoon may cause difficulty in various trekking expeditions, as well as in paragliding. So any time other than the months of July to September is great to plan a weekend getaway.


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