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Maharashtra Wildlife Safari Tours

Maharashtra Wildlife Safari Tours

A Maharashtra wildlife safari tour will fulfil your longings for witnessing the biodiversity of Central India. The hot and humid climate of the region makes the jungles here grow dense. While roaming through the forests, you will see a huge range of creatures in terms of size, ways of life, sounds and colours. Such trips should be taken in the company of a guide or naturalist, who knows the jungle, and can educate you about the creatures. To make it easier for yourself, you may seek services of certain travel companies or accommodative properties, located near the protected areas.

Locations for Wildlife Safari in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has a high density of territories, protected to aid the survival of animals, and to help the government in their conservation. There are a total of 46 biodiversity hotspots in the state, of which 40 are wildlife sanctuaries and the rest are national parks. The national parks have been named as Chandoli, Sanjay Gandhi, Navegaon, Pench, Gugamal and Tadoba.

1. Tadoba National Park

• Location: Tadoba National Park, also known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, is located in the Chandrapur district, and lies in the eastern part of the state.

• History: The British were the first to notify the region as protected, by banning hunting here in 1935. Then, 20 years later in 1955, the Indian Government took control of it, and Tadoba National Park was formed. Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was created in 1985, and the two areas were merged into one in 1995.

• Terrain: Most of the land here is hilly, and the reserve is spread over the Chimur, Kolsa and Moharli Ranges. As a result, you will see numerous moderately-high peaks, valleys and ridges. These hills have elevations between 660 feet and 1150 feet above sea level. Irani reservoir, Kolsa Lake and the Andhari River are the primary water resources for the creatures of the area.

• Flora: The hills along the western and northern boundaries of the reserve are densely forested. Tropical dry broadleaved jungles of South India cover a major chunk of the forested area, with teak as the dominant species. Crape myrtle, tendu, haldu, crocodile bark and bamboo are some other trees of the territory. The wide open sections here are covered by numerous species of tall grasses.

• Fauna: Tigers, wild dogs, hyenas, leopards, sloth bears, nilgai and gaurs are the main carnivorous mammals that you should try to sight here. Birds found here include eagles, woodpeckers, thrushes and buzzards while marsh crocodiles and numerous types of snakes make up the reptile population of the reserve.

• Season: Safaris in Tadoba are best enjoyed in the winter season, which lasts from October to February.

2. Satpura National Park

Another great site for a Maharashtra wildlife safari tour is Satpura National Park.

• Location: Satpura National Park is located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, on its state border with Maharashtra.

• History: The Gonds were the original settlers in the region, and they were later overrun by the Rajputs. In 1861, the British founded the forest department, and set the tone for the protection of the region. The government of India formally made it a national park in 1981.

• Terrain: Much of the region lies in the Satpura Range, from where the establishment gets its name. As a result, hills, ravines, gorges, waterfalls, ridges and valleys are plentiful here. The altitude here ranges from 951 feet to 4500 feet at its highest point, which is the summit of Mount Dhoopgarh.

• Flora: Over 1300 kinds of plants and trees grow in the tropical moist and dry deciduous forests of the region. Tendu, mahua, sal, teak and stone apple are the most easily distinguishable trees here. Apart from these, the region also contains a dense growth of bamboo and other grasses.

• Fauna: Though the area is famous for its tigers, numerous other animals also live here, and you should try to spot as many of them as possible. Gaurs, wolves, four-horned antelopes, wild dogs, sloth bears, langurs, giant squirrels, owls, woodpeckers and wild boars are some other prominent animals of the national park.

• Season: For the best wildlife spotting experience, come here between the months of January and June.

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About Indian Wildlife

ndia is home to some of the largest species of animals, namely elephants among mammals, gaurs among bovine, king cobras among snakes, and lammergeiers among vultures. However, the most famous animal to be found in the country is the tiger, which is a cultural icon.


Both the above-mentioned protected areas were established for the conservation of tigers, and can be visited during a Maharashtra wildlife safari tour.


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