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Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Safari Tours

Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Safari Tours

Madhya Pradesh is often called the heart of India due to its central location in the country. You will be fascinated once you take a Madhya Pradesh wildlife safari tour, and see the diversity of its flora and fauna. Such tours can be easily availed by contacting travel agencies and lodging establishments, which are located near the protected territories. Many of them employ naturalists, who might accompany you on the trips through the jungles. They will educate you about the region, the vegetation and creatures that you will spot.

About Indian Wildlife

Wildlife has always been highly celebrated in India, and animals like tigers, lions, rats, vultures, owls and snakes are extensively featured in ancient folk and religious tales.

Locations for Wildlife Safari in Madhya Pradesh

The following list will give you all the necessary information about the areas where you can take a Madhya Pradesh wildlife safari tour.

1. Bandhavgarh

• Location: Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the district of Umaria, and is about 67 km from the district headquarters.
• History: Before being protected by the government in 1968, the king of the princely state of Rewa used the region for hunting. In 1981, more territory was allotted to it while in 1993, it came under Project Tiger.
• Terrain: The park is in the Deccan Plateau region; hence, a large chunk of the land here is hilly.
• Flora: Sal, along with other moist broadleaf species, is the dominant tree in the area.
• Fauna: While exploring the territory, try sighting tigers, hyenas, nilgais, deer, langurs, macaques, wild boars and jackals.
• Season: Bandhavgarh stays open from 1st October to 30th June.

2. Pench

• Location: Pench National Park stretches through the districts of Chhindwara and Seoni.
• History: The region, now named Pench, was first protected in 1977, and was awarded the distinction of a national park in 1983.
• Terrain: Pench National Park lies in the Satpura Range, and has a mean altitude of about 1600 feet. As a result, hills, rivers and valleys are easily seen here.
• Flora: The deciduous jungles of Pench are dominated by sal trees, which grow together with species like mahua, teak, crocodile bark, Indian laurel and bamboo.
• Fauna: Along with tigers, which are the stars of the jungle, look for leopards, nilgais, cheetals, sambars, sloth bears, chinkaras, four-horned antelopes, dholes and birds of prey.
• Season: The establishment allows visitors to come here in every month, except July, August and September.

3. Panna

• Location: Panna National Park covers the districts of Chhatarpur and Panna, with the latter giving the territory its name.
• History: Panna was established in 1981, and 13 years later in 1994, it was declared a tiger reserve.
• Terrain: Keeping up with the geography of the state, a large part of Panna National Park too contains plateaus. The main river here is Ken, which drains the northern and western sections of the area.
• Flora: The park is at a point, where the dry deciduous forests of South India culminate, and the moist broadleaf forests of the Northern Plains begin. Owing to this fact, the vegetation diversity of the region is immense.
• Fauna: A Madhya Pradesh wildlife safari tour through Panna National Park is ideal to spot creatures like wolves, leopards, tigers, dholes, deer, hyenas, vultures and storks.
• Season: The period between the months of January and May is perfect for wildlife spotting at Panna.

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4. Kanha

• Location: Kanha National Park stretches across the districts of Mandla and Balaghat.
• History: The establishment of the national park dates back to 1955, and in 1973, it was made a tiger reserve.
• Terrain: Kanha National Park has a relatively flatter terrain as compared to other protected areas in the state.
• Flora: The main vegetation types here are the dry and moist deciduous forests of Central India. Some sections here are covered with dense jungles of sal and bamboo while others are wide open grasslands.
• Fauna: Tigers, boars, wild dogs, jackals, hyenas, gaurs, wolves, leopards and several species of deer are abundant in the region. Kraits, cobras, pythons, rat snakes and vipers are some of the reptiles found here.
• Season: The establishment opens in October and closes in June. However, the period between October and May is ideal for visiting it.


All the aforementioned reserves were created with the purpose of the conservation of tigers as excessive hunting had greatly reduced their numbers.


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