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Camping in Corbett

Camping in Corbett

Wherever in India you are, try camping in Corbett at least once, for it will be an experience of truly epic proportions. The short distance from cities like Delhi and Lucknow, pristine environs, untouched nature and abundance of wildlife make it a perfect place to camp. Most campsites and hotels are located just on the outskirts of Jim Corbett National Park, so you do not have to cover long distance for taking safaris. At some places, proper tents will be provided to you while some establishments will accommodate you in thatch and brick huts. Both types will have the basic of amenities, bringing you ever-closer to nature.

About Camping In and Around Corbett

An apt knowledge of accessibility, geography, flora and fauna and some general guidelines will help in making camping in Corbett a flawless experience.

Location: The national park is located in the Ramnagar district of Uttarakhand.

• Access via Railways: About 85 km from the protected territory, Ramnagar can be reached by express trains from Delhi and Lucknow.

• By Road: From Delhi and Lucknow, on National Highway 24 till Moradabad, and from here, divert to Ramnagar.

• By Air:  Regular flights are available from Delhi to both Pantnagar Airport and Jolly Grant Airport. The former is roughly 123 km from the national park while the latter is about 155 km away.

Geography: Jim Corbett National Park is sandwiched between the Terai belt and the Shivalik Hills. The elevation here rises from around 1810 feet in the Terai to about 3400 feet in the Shivalik Range. Due to the hilly terrain, you will find a number of low ridges, ravines, rivers, minor valleys and tablelands or plateaus here.

Flora: Tress like sal, sheesham, and khair dominate the majority of the landscape in the region. Other important species here are bael or stone apple, mahua and kusum. Edible fruits that you may find here are gooseberries and jamuns. On the ridges and along the hills, patches of chir pine are dominant while in the open areas, several species of bamboo and long grasses thrive.

Fauna: The most significant animal here is the tiger, which the territory seeks to conserve. Jungle cats, leopards, elephants, deer, monkeys, pigs, jackals, cobras, kraits, gharials, crocodiles and loads of birds also live here.

General Guidelines: If you are pairing camping in Corbett with wildlife safaris or nature walks, there are some important things that you need to know and understand.

• Time: Entry is permitted inside the park only between sunrise and sunset, so plan your visit accordingly.

• Clothes: For your safety, make sure that the colour of your clothes matches the natural surroundings. Colours like green and brown blend with the trees and soil, and will keep you hidden from the eyes of wild animals. Wear sports shoes instead of slippers, sandals or heels, for the topography here is a bit rugged.

• Silence: Do not blow horn or play music as this may disturb the creatures.

• Medical Aid: Carry a small medical kit along with you because the area is rocky, and you may hurt yourself.


You may go for camping in Corbett at Riverine Woods Resort, which is located on the banks of the Kosi River in Ramnagar.

• Accommodation: Five cottages, equipped with twin beds, tables, large windows, power supply and attached bathrooms are where you will stay. Tents may be set-up on the riverbank, if you wish to stay amidst nature.

• Dining and Activities: You may sit, relax and bask in the sun inside the main building of the property or on the banks of the river. The dining area of the resort is similar to cottages as it too is built using thatch and bricks. You may relish alcoholic drinks here and go for fishing, nature walks, elephant safaris and bird watching.

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Best Time to Go for Camping in Corbett

The best time for camping in Corbett is before the rainy season starts or after it ends. During the rainy season, the wildlife hotspot does not entertain tourists because the inner roads get heavily damaged, and there are also chances of landslides.


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