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Camping in Bangalore

Camping in Bangalore

Camping in Bangalore brings you an advantage, as apart from being close to nature, you can indulge in a number of thrilling and fun activities. Many campsites are located on riverbanks or deep in forests outside the city. You can enjoy adventure sports in the rivers or go for wildlife safaris in jungles.

About Camping in and around Bangalore

There are many places for camping in Bangalore and around it, with each one of them having a distinct speciality. Such distinctions are generally activities that you can do at that particular place, apart from camping. Some of the exciting engagements you can relish as an added bonus to staying in secluded and serene surroundings are fishing, water-sports and wildlife safaris.

• Fishing: Fishing enthusiasts should definitely head towards the serene forests along the banks of the Kaveri River. Many resorts and campsites located near the riverbank organise fishing tours and other water sports. While you are angling for marine creatures, remember to catch a mahseer, which is one of the largest freshwater fish known to humans.

• Water Sports: In Karnataka, the Krishna River is among the preferred sites for enjoying adventure sports. The river has both calm as well as turbulent stretches, making a range of exciting activities possible. White water rafting is organised by the nearby lodging properties on the sections of the stream where the current is strong. On the calmer stretches of the rivulet, you may indulge in canoeing, kayaking or sail on coracles, which are traditional hemispherical boats.

• Wildlife Safari: Karnataka has a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, which are important for the conservation for numerous endangered and threatened species. Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve is a significant protected territory in the state, and numerous camping properties are located near it. Ask the management of the property, where you are staying, to arrange for wildlife safaris because these are good ways to sight animals.

Popular Destinations for Camping near Bangalore

You may pick from an array of sites for camping in Bangalore, but those giving you some of the best experiences are located outside the city. Below are some lodgings properties around Bangalore that have facilities for camping:

Bheemeshwari Nature and Adventure Camp: It is located on the banks of the Kaveri River, and is surrounded by dense and tranquil jungles.

• Location: The property is located in the Mandya district in the state of Karnataka, and is approximately 105 km the city of Bangalore.
• Accommodation: Wooden huts, tented cottages, a bamboo hut and luxury cottages are the various accommodative options here.
• Activities: Trekking through the nearby hills to observe animals is perfect for beginners as the topography is not too rugged and the elevation gain is less. These hills are also utilised to host adventure activities like mountain biking and zip-lining. You may also take part in rafting, kayaking, coracle rides and fishing trips on the stream.

Kali Wilderness Camp: This establishment is in the town of Dandeli, and gets its name from the Kali River, on whose banks it is located.

• Location: The site is roughly 463 km from Bangalore, from where it can be reached by road, trains or air. Hubli, about 72 km from Dandeli, has a domestic airport and an important railway station.
• Accommodation: The main building here has 10 rooms, all with attached bathrooms. Accommodation can also be sought in 12 Swiss tents, which face the Kali River, for a camping extravaganza.
• Activities: You can hold conferences, relax and eat at the gazebo, or relish drinks and watch TV in the lounge-bar. Go on wildlife safaris in Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve, or for water engagements like kayaking, rafting and coracle cruises on the river. Kali Wilderness Camp also has facilities for trekking and mountain biking in the hills.

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Best Time to Go for Camping near Bangalore

The extra activities you want to relish will govern the perfect time for camping in Bangalore or in places near to it.

• Rafting: The best time to go for rafting in the Kaveri River is during the rainy season, when the stream swells up and develops rapids.
• Other Water Activities: Coracle rides, kayaking and canoeing should be availed in the non rainy season.
• Wildlife Spotting: The time just after the monsoon recedes is best for wildlife sighting, because the rains will have made the forests lush. During the rainy season, most national parks are closed for tourists due to the bad condition of roads.


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