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Trekking in Goa

Trekking in Goa

Over the decades, Goa has earned the reputation of being one of the most happening tourist destinations in India. It is famous across the globe for its serene beaches, music and dance festivals, seafood, flea markets and a vibrant culture. With a coastline of approximately a hundred kilometres, the state has a variety of beaches and offers numerous fun activities. Trekking in Goa is one of the many ways to explore different parts of the state. If partying on loud music or sunbathing by the sea is not your thing, then there is no need to worry because Goa trekking is a good and fun activity.

The carefree lifestyle and atmosphere of the place is a testimony to the laid back attitude of Goans. However, the region has nowadays become a hub for travellers, who like to spice up their vacations with adventure. This is the reason for the increasing popularity of adventure tourism and trekking Goa. Apart from adventure sports like surfboarding, parasailing, jet skiing and water skiing, there are some amazing treks in Goa that grab the attention of adventure lovers. Unlike hikes in the mountains of North India, Goa treks are accompanied by an enchanting view of the Arabian Sea.

It is a known fact that Goa is a famous tourist destination in India. When people think of the place, the sparkling sand, sun and the sea are the first things that come to mind. Goa has been renowned for the evident Portuguese influence on its culture and lifestyle. A number of festivals celebrated here keep it lively throughout the year. The nightlife of the state too is active and keeps the visitors entertained.

However, beyond the beaches is a different side of Goa: the one filled with adventure. There are numerous thrilling activities hosted here, and trekking is one of them. The land is rich in hills, tropical forests and waterfalls, making treks in Goa a delightful experience. Being a coastal area, it is home to more than a thousand species of birds, animals and plants. Trekking in Goa is one experience that will make you appreciate this place even more. One of the most preferred geographical formations for Goa treks are the Western Ghats that line the eastern edge of the state.

Popular Treks in Goa

Some spots offer the best Goa trekking experience, and owing to their popularity, loads of travel companies take hikers there. Mainapi Waterfalls is located in Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary and considered to be one of the most scenic such sites in the Western Ghats. The trek to the spot will be quite exciting as the trail passes through dense forest and goes past gushing streams. Savari Waterfalls, another major trekking destination in Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, is relatively less popular due to its more difficult nature, but this does not mean the route is less picturesque. It is an enchanting natural site as the water falls in a small pond-like waterbody from a great height.

Dudhsagar Falls is perhaps the most visited trekking spot here and the most mesmerising as well. The torrential water falling down the cliff looks like milk, and hence the name Dudhsagar, which literally means a sea of milk. Located on the Mandovi River, this waterfall is around 70 km from Panaji. Approximately 600 metres in height, this is one of the highest waterfalls in India.

Situated at an elevation of around 3000 feet above sea level, Ravan Dongor Peak is a viable option for a good trekking Goa experience. It is considered to be the third highest peak in the state, and you can enjoy an amazing view of two wildlife sanctuaries from atop it. Hivre Falls are relatively small, but what it lacks in height is compensated by the number of small waterfalls that you walk past. The trail to the hill, from which the water falls, goes through slippery slopes, hissing streams and lush forests.

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Best Time to Go for Goa Trekking

A major reason why tourists prefer trekking Western Ghats is that these hills are accessible throughout the year. The only season, which may not be suitable for the activity, is the extremely wet regional monsoon.


Top Treks in Goa

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