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Trekking in Mussoorie

Trekking in Mussoorie

Owing to its scenic charm and pleasant weather, Mussoorie is known as the Queen of Hills. The town has numerous tourist attractions and calm boulevards that you can explore. You may pick trekking in Mussoorie to make your holiday more exciting. The moderate altitude of the area makes the chances of altitude-induced sickness null and void. Most of the hikes starting from the hill station are short and easy, and hence perfect for you to hone your trekking skills.

Reaching the destination is easy as it is directly or indirectly connected to the rest of India via road, rail and air. The state capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, which has a railway junction and an airport, serves as the gateway to the town. You can easily participate in Mussoorie trekking as part of a weekend getaway as most such jaunts take 6-7 hours to complete. This means that you can reach the town, go on the adventure and return in a couple of days.

Picturesque deciduous jungles and coniferous trees cover the mountains, making the tracks scenic. Whenever you feel like life is becoming too hectic and you need a break, you can plan a weekend off and go trekking Mussoorie. During the hikes, you get a chance to learn about the history and culture of the area as the trails take you past numerous landmark buildings. Many of these structures were built by the British and speak of the rich colonial heritage of the hill station. 

The height that the treks in Mussoorie take you to is below 9000 feet. This is considerably lesser than the altitude, beyond which the levels of the life-sustaining oxygen start diminishing. Get checked by a doctor, be sure of your physical fitness and do some exercise before starting your on-foot excursion. You should pack some warm clothes, regardless of the time of the year you are coming here, as the regional subtropical highland climate keeps the weather cool, especially at night. Wear shoes with good treads to allow you to grip the loose soil of the mountains and walk comfortably.

Popular Treks in Mussoorie

As trekking in Mussoorie becomes more popular, more paths and destinations are being discovered. One of the most thronged spots around the town is Pari Tibba. The walk to this approximately 8530-feet high hill starts from Woodstock School, a landmark institution. From here you walk through a dense canopy of oak, pine and deodar trees. During the approximately 4-km walk, numerous British era buildings will be visible to you. When you start treading downhill, a narrow track will lead you through a forest of oak trees. You then follow the historic Chamalsari-Company Bagh path to reach the village of Barlowganj, where the hike ends.

If you are a beginner and want to try trekking Mussoorie, then you may embark on a trek to Benog Hill. The mountain is covered by towering pindrow firs that provide shade from the sun. This is a slightly longer excursion, perfect for you to learn the necessary hiking skills. Clouds End, from where this jaunt starts, is an area with gentle slopes and Morinda spruce trees in full bloom. To relish the journey in its entirety, you can also begin it from the Library – the western end of the hill station. This particular venture will delight you even more if you are an avid birdwatcher. The trail to Benog Hill goes through Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary, which is home to many species of winged creatures. 

You can undertake Bhadraj trek in Mussoorie to combine walking and spirituality as the journey will take you to a temple. Walking on cemented roads, grass-covered paths through deodar forests, and on lush meadows lined with oak trees will become a cherished memory. From numerous forest clearings, you will be able to see the snowbound peaks of the Bandarpunch and Swargarohini Ranges of the Himalayas.

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Best Time to Go for Mussoorie Trekking

An average annual high of about 25 degrees and a mean low of around 10 degree Celsius mean that the hill station can be visited throughout the year. As far as Mussoorie trekking is concerned, the best time for it would be the summer season, which lasts from April till July.


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