Experience Trekking in North India

Trekking in North India

Trekking in North India

The northern region of India has some of the most breathtaking landscapes, attracting hordes of tourists from all over the world. Trekking in North India is a great way to combine leisure and adventure, and also to explore the regional scenic beauty. This thrilling sport is gaining immense popularity among adventure lovers and novice trekkers alike. So, if you consider yourself adventurous and are looking for an escapade, then treks in North India will prove to be highly eventful.

North India trekking takes you to some of the most scenic and attractive places of the region. The states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir have astonishing mountainous terrain, and that is exactly what you get to relish during such trips. North India treks vary in difficulty and can be classified as easy, moderate and strenuous. While trekking North India, you also get the chance to admire some marvellous sceneries. There are hordes of hiking trails and destinations open for the activity, and many new ones are continuously discovered.

While trekking in North India, you will cross mountains, walk on grasslands, tread along rivers, hike to lakes and traverse glaciers. Experienced hikers can choose to walk on steep mountain slopes, while there are also several North India treks that are designed to get beginners familiar with the activity. Just remember to take your camera with charged batteries wherever you go because you will not want to miss out on clicking photos.

Popular Treks in North India

The three states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand are some of the most prominent North India trekking locations. The Beas Kund, Deo Tibba Base Camp, Hampta Pass and Chandra Tal trek are some popular on-foot excursions in Himachal Pradesh. Similarly, the Roopkund, Valley of Flowers and Dayara Bugyal trek take you through Uttarakhand. You can explore the wonderful state of Jammu and Kashmir by availing the Tarsar Marsar, Stok Kangri, Chadar trek or Markha Valley trek.

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek can be undertaken by tourists to explore some enchanting natural waterbodies in the state. Tourists, who have good stamina, can opt for the Rupin Pass trek, which involves covering over 60 km in just six days. The Pin Parvati hike is another demanding expedition as it takes you to an altitude of over 17500 feet. Those, who want to try easy treks in North India, can walk to Hampta Pass. If you fancy snowfall and want to capture the mesmerising sights of the landscape of Uttarakhand, then you may embark on the Winter Kuari Pass trek. What makes the Parang La trek better is a visit to the high altitude lake of Tso Moriri as its highlight.

While trekking North India, you have the perfect opportunity to familiarise with the regional culture as well. This heritage has always fascinated travellers, but with these treks, it will no longer be a mystery to you. Most of the hiking trails go past traditional villages and temporary shepherd settlements. Many of these walks are centred around the breathtaking lakes that charm the region, and Chandra Tal trek is one such excursion. Situated at an altitude of about 14000 feet, Chandra Tal or Chandra Lake in Himachal Pradesh reflects snow-capped peaks.

Top Treks in North India

Best Time to Go for North India Trekking

Most of the hiking expeditions are organised in summers between the months of May and October. In other months, the high elevation villages, lakes, valleys and mountain passes become inaccessible because of snow, thus restricting the trekking activities. However, there are few trips that can only be undertaken in the colder months. The Chadar Frozen River and Winter Kuari Pass hikes are two such excursions. Kuari Pass looks bewitching under a white blanket of snow, and hence the walk to here is generally undertaken in winters. The Chadar River trek is done only in winters as during the warmer months, the Zanskar River does not freeze, and the whole purpose of the hike will be lost.


Top Treks in North India

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