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Adventure Trips Near Bangalore

Adventure Trips Near Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is one of the fastest developing cosmopolitan cities of Asia. Tagged as the Silicon Valley of India, this city is a home to numerous industrial giants. This city also boasts many architectural wonders, lush gardens, beautiful parks and serene lakes. To take a break from their boring daily schedule and hectic work life, people like to go for adventure trips near Bangalore.

Adventure Destinations Around Bangalore

• Coorg: Generally known as Kodagu, Coorg is one of the top-rated hill stations in India. Once an abode of warriors, this historic town still retains its sporting spirit, which is visible in the favouritism of locals toward the adventures. The scenic mountain ranges of the Western Ghats provide extreme terrains for a range of adventure activities like trekking, quad biking and rafting.

How to Reach

By Road: This place is about 276 km from Bangalore and can be easily reached via NH 48.

By Rail: There is no direct train to Coorg from Bangalore but you can reach here via Mysore or Mangalore rail network.

• Dandeli: Situated on the banks of River Kali, Dandeli is a small town in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Bounded by deciduous forests, this region is among the ones with last patches of thick forests in the Western Ghats. People flock to this place to sight black panthers as it is the only site in Asia where these can be sighted. Wildlife safari and rafting are some of the major activities that can be enjoyed here.

How to Reach

By Road: At a distance of about 464 km from Bangalore, a drive to this place will take just about 7 hours; but if traffic is low, you can reach there within 6 hours.

By Rail: Alnavar, which is about 35 km from here, is the nearest railhead and a number of direct trains from Bangalore are easily available.

• Wayanad: Carved out from the districts of Kannur and Kozhikode, Wayanad is the 12th district in Kerala. Set amid the complex topography of dense jungles, lofty ridges and deep valleys, this place attracts a large number of adventurers who seek thrill amid the beauty of the nature. It provides a range of trails for trekking that suits both amateurs and professionals. Some of them are Chembra Peak, Pakshipathalam, Brahmagiri and Banasura.

How to Reach

By Road: You can drive to this place as it is about 272 km from Bangalore.

By Rail: Kozhikode is the nearest rail head, and is well-connected with  Bangalore through rail network. From Kozhikode, you can avail bus or taxi services to reach this place.

All these places are worth visiting during your adventure trips near Bangalore as the adventure activities at these sites are sure to enthral you.

Adventure Activities Available near Bangalore

• Camping in Dubare: Located in the district of Coorg, Dubare is a perfect destination to camp in the lap of nature. With about 150 elephants in the forest camps, the campsite in Dubare beckons both wildlife lovers and nature admirers. The camps also provide for activities like rafting, fishing and trekking.

• Wildlife Safari in Dandeli: With its undulating slopes, rich forest terrains and picturesque valleys, this place is an idyllic destination to go for wildlife safaris. Being a home to a variety of wild species, the forests of Dandeli always appeal to wildlife lovers. The open Jeep safaris through this land of rich biodiversity give visitors an unforgettable experience of having such a close look at wildlife.

• Trekking in Chembra Peak: At a height of 2100 metres, this peak is a paradise for trekkers as it takes them to the highest point of Wayanad. While trekking along the trails of this peak, you will also sight a beautiful lake, which resembles a heart. As you reach the topmost point of this peak, you will be surprised by the captivating beauty of the nature.

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Best Time to Go

• Coorg: Travellers flock to the place all round the year; however, it is best to visit this place from November to April as the nature is in its full bloom at these times of the year.

• Dandeli: The weather is pleasant between the months of October and May; however, the season from December to May is ideal for sighting the enchanting beauty of the nature.

• Wayanad: Winters are the ideal time to visit this place, and especially, the period from October to May is the most preferable one.


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