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Adventure Activities in Sultanpur National Park

Sultanpur National Park

This bird park, a tranquil spot not too far off from the bedlam of Delhi, has been associated with two of the most noted ornithologists Peter Jackson and Dr Salim Ali. Jackson saw that here was a place that would attract avifauna species by the hundreds (and birdwatchers by the dozens). Dr Ali, meanwhile, was a regular visitor to these parts.


The Haryana government designated this area, at one time marshland, a bird sanctuary in 1971. A couple of decades on, Sultanpur was declared a national park.


The brackish shallow jheel (lake) here is surrounded by verdant terrain, both grassland and farmland. This water body was once marshland.


How to reach

Sultanpur falls on the Gurgaon-Farrukhnagar Road, a little way off the Delhi-Jaipur highway. Buses and taxis ply from Gurgaon to the bird sanctuary.
IGI Airport (Delhi) is the nearest airport (46km), while Sultanpur is the nearest railhead (4km).

Getting Around

Where to go

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