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Adventure Activities in Pahalgam & Sonamarg

Pahalgam & Sonamarg

Pretty and popular PAHALGAM (“village of shepherds”) is the starting point for treks in Kashmir. From here you can embark on round trips, lasting a couple of days, in the Lidder Valley. Besides being a gateway for treks, this bucolic town (2139m) boasts a stunning locale beside the icy but swiftly-flowing Lidder River, the valley’s steep ridges crowned by fragrant pine trees.
Like Pahalgam, SONAMARG (“golden meadow”) possesses a pastoral vibe, encircled by woods of beech, fir, pine and sycamore, and surrounded by soaring summits. During spring and into early summer, Sonamarg presents a delightful picture as it comes alive with flowers – including the yellow crocus from which it gets its name. There are some fine short hikes and long treks beginning from Sonamarg, just before the Zoji La Pass, the gateway to Ladakh.


Sonamarg (with Gilgit) was once a gateway on the ancient Silk Route, connecting Kashmir with China and the Middle East.


Approximately 100km east of Srinagar in the Lidder Valley, much of Pahalgam lies on the east bank of the Lidder, and on the lower slopes of the nearby hills. Sonamarg, 84km from Srinagar, lies alongside the River Sindh.


Pahalgam is blessed with pleasant, almost balmy, summers, though winters are cold here, with the town receiving regular snowfall. Sonamarg, though higher in altitude, has hotter summers (the temperature can reach a high of 35C) but colder winters with frequent flurries of snow.

How to reach

Though buses run from Srinagar to Pahalgam, services are not very reliable. Better to take a bus, or shared jeep, to Anantnag, and hop on to another from there.
Sonamarg, conveniently, lies on the Srinagar-Leh route, and buses ply regularly from Srinagar.

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